We asked our 2017 DMFS EU speakers about the upcoming trends, tools and techniques for the future of digital marketing in financial services. Download the Ebook to see answers to:

In 2017, what do you think most financial institutions are struggling with when it comes to digital marketing & attracting/retaining customers?

Are there any digital marketing trends, tool or apps you are most excited about in the coming months?

Contributors Include:

BNP Paribas Investment Partners

Aldert Veldhuisen Headshot

Head of Local Marketing Netherlands,
Aldert Veldhuisen

BMO Bank of Montreal

Andras Lazar Headshot

Managing Director and Head – Cards & Payments Marketing,
Andras Lazar


Christian Aichorn Headshot

Head of Digital Marketing and Social Media,
Christian Aichorn

AirPlus International

Joachim Brockmann Headshot

Joachim Brockmann

Atom Bank

Neil Costello Headshot

Head of Marketing,
Neil Costello


Marcus Brans Headshot

Head of Communication & Marketing,
Marcus Brans


Nick Joy Headshot

Social Media Manager,
Nick Joy

My Policy Limited

Pete Fisher Headshot

Pete Fisher


Tom Newbould Headshot

Chief Marketing Officer,
Tom Newbould