Four Social Media Strategies for Business Success

Hootsuite has created the Financial Services: 4 Social Media Strategies for Business Success white paper to provide direction on how your financial services enterprise can locate where it currently stands on the social media maturity model. Is your financial enterprise in the Social Advocate stage, or have you moved up to Social Teams? How can you become a Social Organization according to the model? The white paper will help take stock of where you currently stand and give you a solid understanding of where you need to get to in order to achieve your business goals.


Fraud Protection’s Unsung Hero

Xaxis North America has taken to controlling fraudulent activity further than ever before. We are no longer delivering desktop video via VAST tags and have switched to 100% VPAID. VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) and VPAID (Video Player-Ad Interface Definition) are the two universal specifications developed by the IAB for serving video ads. Xaxis is making this shift to only deliver video via VPAID tags because it keeps all of our clients safe and offers salient metrics to advertisers and marketers who employ it.

Some of the benefits of using VPAID include:

  • Viewability: Along with viewability measurement capabilities, VPAID allows marketers to make their video ads more intricate and engaging.
  • Transparency: VPAID allows buying tools (DSPs) to prevent impression laundering fraud.
  • Consumer Opt-Out: In order to give consumers more information about how ads are targeted and the opportunity to opt-out via the Privacy Ad Choices icon, you must be serving VPAID.

Download this white paper now to see how shifting to deliver video via VPAID tags keeps clients safe.

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Xaxis stands for integrity in the digital video advertising ecosystem with the knowledge that all of our ad products are truly viewable, transparent, brand safe and privacy compliant.

Driving Campaigns with Data Science

Trying to determine who should buy your products or services often amounts to little more than educated guesswork. You might be able to analyze patterns and perhaps even employ a heuristic-based lead scoring methodology, but the reliability of these predictions often leaves much to be desired. It’s time for the “art” of driving campaigns to move to the next level: driving campaigns with data science.

Data science analyzes historical and transactional data to find patterns that reliably predict future behavior. This can empower you to improve cross-selling to generate net new income and identify clients who will most likely purchase.

Read on to discover how data science can help you make your data work for you.

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Transforming Financial Services

Forty-five senior leaders reveal their 2016 priorities

Banking is going digital. Driven by changing customers and a changed operating environment, financial institutions of all kinds are facing a
world of permanent beta. As customers go digital, they set the pace for investment in digital customer experience.

Building a seamless and relevant digital experience cannot be restricted by organizational inertia, innovation budgets, or past experience. It must be based on the customer.

Idio surveyed several hundred senior digital executives from top financial institutions to find out how they are taking steps to deliver a better digital customer experience and what the various obstacles are to realizing this goal.

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